Mind Blowing Perito Moreno Glacier

11 May

At 30km long, 5km wide and 60m high (equivalent to a 15 storey building) – the Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina’s Parque National Los Glaciers is a special place guaranteed to give you goose bumps.


While most glaciers in the world are receding at a scarily high rate due to global warming, this glacier is actually advancing up to 2 metres per day which means icebergs are constantly being carved from the face with massive collapses of ice throughout the day and night, causing mini tidal waves in the water below.


El Calafate is the closest town to the glacier and from here we took an early afternoon bus into the National Park. The park has an extensive network of wooden walkways and viewing platforms which have been tastefully built into the mountain side allowing visitors to see the glacier from different levels and angles. We were able to get much closer than we ever imagined to this living, breathing, millions of years old relic.


A cool wind blew over the top of the glacier and we hopped from foot to foot to keep warm with our hands pushed deep inside our pockets. Silently we waited and scanned the panorama from left to right, and the anticipation started to build. The skyscrapers of ice were deep blue in colour and marbled with grey. Deep crevasses in the ice stretched back as far as we could see.


We didn’t have to wait long before we heard several deep, cavernous rumbles like distant thunder and then a loud crack, like gunfire. With one hand covering our mouths, we reached for our camera to capture the moment. We were completely awe-struck to see such a giant of nature performing before us.


We saw several different types of icefalls, from small patches crumbling and creating circular whirlpools in the water, to larger sheets detaching themselves in an instant and slipping straight down beneath the surface. We found the most dramatic to be when large cracks started to form and grow wider before our eyes. Almost in slow motion stacks of ice started to lean away from the glacier – going, going, gone!! The towers crashed forward into the water causing gigantic splashes and mini tidal waves in the icy lagoon.


Some of the icefalls remained submerged with blue, sparkling bubbles hitting the surface long after the collapse. Some massive chunks bobbed back up, like submarines of ice reappearing from the deep and gracefully glided away from the glacier face.


We stayed at the glacier for around five hours, which sounds like an incredibly long time to be staring at a block of ice, but we were completely addicted – it’s not often you will witness the birth of an iceberg in your life. Our eyes couldn’t comprehend what we were seeing! This truly was nature at its best – a spectacular and unforgettable place.

2 Responses to “Mind Blowing Perito Moreno Glacier”

  1. Craig May 11, 2013 at 8:06 pm #

    I have been devouring your vignettes…and can only say no to botox, you look younger and refreshed. Now there’s an incentive for an aging Queen to get her arse in gear.

    • latinchattin May 13, 2013 at 11:58 am #

      Hello Craig darling! No anti-ageing cream needed here – just long walks in beautiful scenery and a cheeky glass of wine a day. Plenty more Latin American adventures to come to satisfy your hunger and hopefully inspire you to jump on a plane to see us. Kate & Dan xx

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