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The first taste of Colombia

19 Feb

For many years Colombia has found itself in the news for all the wrong reasons. It has been defined by civil war, high levels of crime, class ‘A’ drugs, gun-brandishing guerrillas and kidnappings. Governments all over the world advised against any kind of travel to the country and even the most daring of backpackers chose not to risk crossing the border from other South American countries where tourism was booming. During the last 10 years however, changes on a big scale have been sweeping across the country and Colombia has opened its doors to international tourism. Every person we met on our Latin America trip who had spent some time in Colombia raved about it and many described it as their favourite country in the whole Continent. We were very excited to discover Colombia’s riches for ourselves but we couldn’t shake a feeling of trepidation as we crossed into a world which had been hidden from the public view for so long.

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Man’s best friend

1 Jul

It’s estimated that there are 2.5 million stray or ‘street’ dogs living in Chile at the moment, with half of those in Santiago alone. Many of these animals are unwanted pets and their offspring who have lived their whole life as strays and others are considered to be pets but are allowed to roam the streets and return home when they feel like it.

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