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Valley of the Moon

13 Jul

Parque Provincial Ischigualasto is located in the San Juan province of Argentina and was declared a provincial park in 1971 due to its paleontological significance and stunning landscapes. The park was relatively unheard of until a series of events made it one of the regions most popular tourists sites. William Sill, a leading paleontologist and researcher helped to put Ischigualasto on the map by documenting the Park’s abundance of Triassic Period fossils and dinosaur bones, some up to 180 million years old. Then, a photographer published a series of stunning pictures capturing the park’s fantastical landscapes and he cleverly entitled the portfolio ‘Valley of the Moon’ which captured many people’s imaginations. To seal the deal UNESCO declared the area a ‘Natural Heritage of Humanity’ site in November 2000 and visitors started to arrive in their hordes.

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